Changing LDAP Password

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  • We have LDAP authentication set up and working find, but the bind DN we use is a user ID that our security group requires that we change every 90 days.

  • Is there an easier way to update the password, rather than disable security, connect, re-enable security, re-enter all the settings for LDAP and set up the authorization strategy again? Can we just manually update config.xml directly?


  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


It isn’t necessary to go through the lengthy procedure in order to change (update) the password used for LDAP connection in Jenkins…​.which is encrypted in the config.xml.

To update the value, simply enter the new password into the password field in the config.xml as plain text (not encrypted) then Jenkins will read that correctly. Once you start Jenkins and just re-save the Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security page, this will replace the plain-text value with the encrypted version.