Client controller stuck on registration screen when registered with Operations Center.

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  • It is stuck on the "Please register this Jenkins instance" screen.

  • WARNING c.c.o.s.p.ConnectedMasterLicenseServerProperty#doCheck: Could not install license key and certificate on client controller Clientcontroller (cm) because of Subscription is not yet active for another 10 hr NotBefore: Mon May 06 10:00:00 PDT 2015


  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center 1.1+


CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center has to have the correct time otherwise the handshaking (via certificate) will fail. Executing the "date" command on both the Operations Center and on the Client controller to verify that the times on both machines are correct.


From Client controller: #Mon May 06 10:00:00 PDT 2015

From Operations Center: #Mon May 06 20:00:00 PDT 2015

Some linux machines manage the time with the NTP daemon. Double check to make sure that this daemon is running which will update the time of your machine.