Move, Copy, or Rename Client controller

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  • I would like to move/rename my client controller into a different location.

  • I would like to copy/clone my client controller configuration.


Important Notice

The Move operation of Client controllers is fully supported since version 1.8.100+ of operations-center- plugins. Before this version, moving a *connected Client controller does not reconnect it automatically (it needs to be released and reconnected).

Unsupported Operations


To move your client controller from one location to another, click the arrow next to the Client controller item and select the Move/Copy/Promote operation


In here you can setup the operation you would like to perform (also has autocomplete for destination locations):


To Move to a new folder, just specify the folder name:


and click the "Move" operation. After clicking the "Move" operation you will see a box stating that the operation was successful:


Clicking "Close" will redirect you to the new location. The operation causes the Client controller to automatically disconnect/reconnect. Immediately after the move is completed, you will see the controller disconnected:


After just a few seconds, the Client controller successfully reconnects: