Why do I receive an Unknown Host Exception in JOC when trying to connect to Elasticsearch?

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Unknown Host Exception from the JOC when trying to connect to a remote Elasticsearch server. The plugin can reach using the IP address, but not the hostname.


CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center


Configure CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center to use a proxy like the one pictured in the attached screenshot.

![Image 1][]

You can find this on JOC by going to Manage Jenkins -> Update Center -> Advanced tab.

Alternatively, if you would like this connection not to pass through the proxy you can try adding 'server' to the ' No Proxy Host' field on the Update Center Advanced Tab I mentioned above.

If neither of these work, please check with your network administrator to see why the proxy is unable to resolve this address.

Root Cause

This error is likely coming from a proxy server.

Unknown Host

Description: Unable to locate the server named 'server' — the server does not have a DNS entry. Perhaps there is a misspelling in the server name, or the server no longer exists. Double-check the name and try again.

The issue is that 'server' is not resolvable by the http proxy you have configured.

[Image 1]: