Windows Cloud Agent can not be provisioned in JOC using DCOM

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I am getting the stacktrace below after using DCOM as shared cloud in a VMWare Virtual Machine (“Windows Build Pool”) in order to provision agents. From the Enterprise controller agent.log

Connecting to XX.XX.XX.XX
Failed to connect to port 135 of XX.XX.XX.XX. Is Windows firewall blocking this port? Or did you disable DCOM service?


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You can try the following the suggestions from the Jenkins wiki page about the 0x8001ffff error code.

When using DCOM is really difficult to diagnosis the main root cause of failure. The generic error code it returns and the lack for any diagnostic log make it hard to setup.

JNLP agent is a far better option. Installed as a windows service, it will automatically reconnect any time the Windows server is up-and-running. Other possible option is to setup Cygwin and OpenSSH on your Windows node so Jenkins can manage it as a ssh agent, just like it does for Unix agents.