Required Data CloudBees License Certificate Expiration

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On June 22nd, 2020, the certificate used to sign all existing CloudBees licenses for Jenkins-based products will expire. This certificate is used to verify the authenticity of the customer’s CloudBees license. Customers must install a new license (generated with the new certificate) before June 22, 2020. Existing licenses will become invalid as of June 22, 2020.

If you are running a CloudBees Jenkins-based product with a version of or later, your software is already compatible with the new certificate. The only action needed in this case is to install a new license generated by the new certificate.

If you are running a CloudBees Jenkins-based product with a version earlier than, your CloudBees software will not be compatible with licenses generated by the new certificate. You must first update your software to be compatible with the new license certificate before proceeding with this article.

Complete information about this topic can be found in the KB Upgrading for the new CloudBees License Certificate

Data collection

To speed up the response time from CloudBees Support Team, any question, verification or troubleshooting request must contain the required data below in case it is necessary to open a support ticket through the CloudBees Support Portal.

IMPORTANT: Options to be enabled in the support bundle

Before generating the support bundle ensure that all the options are enabled except the Garbage Collection Logs option