Required Data: MCP issues

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  • I had an issue performing a Move/Copy/Promote operation.

Required Data MCP issues

This article describes how to collect the minimum required information for troubleshooting MCP issues.

If the required data is bigger than 50 MB you will not be able to use ZenDesk to upload all the information. On this case we would like to encourage you to use our upload service in order to attach all the required information.

Required Data check list

  • Description of the MCP operation

  • Support bundle

  • MCP history

Description of the items

  • Are you performing a MCP operation within the same instance or between two different instances connected by an OC?

  • The config.xml of the relevant Folder(s)/Job(s).

  • Workload for the MCP operation, as the output of:

Jenkins.getInstance().getItemByFullName("<FOLDER_FULL_NAME>").getAllJobs().each {
          println("The number of builds for " + it.getFullName() + " is " + it.getBuilds().size());

Support bundle

A support bundle from the Jenkins instance while the issue is exposed. Please, follow the KB below in case you don’t know how to generate a support bundle.

MCP history

For each Move/Copy/Promote operation, there is a history log created and you can access it via in Jenkins via Manage Jenkins  Move/Copy/Promote History. On this page you can locate the Move/copy operations that failed and check the log by selecting the small screen on the right.

Attach the history logs of the failing move operation (please copy/paste the the content on the page and send us a .txt or .log).