Required Data: Assisted Update

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I would like to update CloudBees CI to the latest release.

What is an "Assisted Update"?

We recommend an "Assisted Update" for all our clients to help guide them through their updates to make the process easier and safer.

This process allows a CloudBees Development Support Engineer to review your instance and prepare a customized update plan which contains:

  • A summarized list of known potential issues you may encounter during the update, based on your current version, target version, plugin versions, build agents, and what we have experienced with other clients during their previous updates

  • Analysis of known issues your instance(s) are encountering, or could encounter based on the data in the support bundles

  • Best practice recommendations on how to test before doing the update in production

  • Simple steps to follow when doing the production update

  • Recommendations regarding backups, so that if any issues occur during the production update, we can easily recover from them

  • A 30 minute consultation call to explain the update notes and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have regarding your update

If you are interested in this process, the next step would be to provide us the Required Data for an Assisted Update (below) on a new support ticket, as well as what timezone you are in, so we can get the Engineer in the best timezone to accommodate your regularly available hours.

Required Data for an Assisted Update

This article describes how to collect the minimum required information for planning an update.

If the required data is larger than 50 MB you will not be able to use the support portal to upload all the information. In this case, we would like to encourage you to use our upload service in order to attach all the required information.

IMPORTANT : Origin and Destination Product and Packaging must be the same. Otherwise, it would be considered a Migration, not an Assisted Update.

Required Data check list

Support bundle

For each controller and operations center that is part of the update, generate and attach a support bundle for each to the ticket. You can refer to this document if you need any help: What is a support-bundle and how to create one

Cluster information

If running CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms, share the output of running (modify -n cloudbees-ci depending on the Kubernetes namespace used):

kubectl get node,pod,statefulset,deployment,svc,endpoints,ingress,pvc,pv,sa,role,rolebinding -n cloudbees-ci -o wide > cloudbees-ci-cluster-wide.txt kubectl get node,pod,statefulset,deployment,svc,endpoints,ingress,pvc,pv,sa,role,rolebinding -n cloudbees-ci -o yaml > cloudbees-ci-cluster-wide.yml


Please answer the following questions on the support ticket:

  • Timeframe: The timeframe when you plan to update your instance

  • Timezone: Timezone you would like to have the 30 minute update consultation call in

  • Installation Type: Helm, yaml apply, RPM, WAR, DEB, Windows Service, manual script, manually created service

  • Backup

    • Strategy: How do you generate your backups?

    • Frequency: How often do you backup your instance?

    • Validity: When was the last time you tested the backup?

    • Size: What is the size of the backup?

    • Restoration time: Have you measured how long it takes to restore an instance from backup?

  • Test Environment: Do you have a test environment that we can use to test the upgrade?