Blue Ocean Displaying 'Organization Jenkins Not Found'

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When opening the Blue Ocean interface on a controller, an error message reading, "Favoriting Error - Organization jenkins not found" is displayed.


The resolution is dependent on the type of controller running.

Teams Master

In case you are using a Teams controller, the logs should show something similar to:

2019-06-14 06:39:43.388+0000 [id=399615]    SEVERE  c.c.o.c.b.BlueSteelOrganizationFactoryImpl#initOrganization: Could not find Blue Steel Team Folder my-team-controller (my-team-controller). Teams will not work correctly

Where my-team-controller is the name of the controller.

When creating a Team controller a folder is automatically generated at the root of your controller with the same name as the Team controller.

This folder was removed, which is causing the issue.

You will need to create a new Team controller as the folder (of type com.cloudbees.opscenter.bluesteel.folder.BlueSteelTeamFolder) holds the information defining the controller.

Other type of controllers

This error is due to the installation of the Managed controller New User Experience. This plugin is designed to only run on a Teams controller. The solution is to un install this plugin and restart the controller.

in case you are managing the plugins by code, the artifactid of the plugin is bluesteel-controller.

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