Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees - Troubleshooting Guide

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  • I’m not receiving any report emails after setting up Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees.


It’s worth noting that Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees will only report new issues found, so if you did receive an original email report after configuring the plugin, but haven’t received one since, then this might not be an issue.

General Knowledge

Error messages from Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees for failed uploads start with:

SEVERE: Issue while uploading file to bundle upload service

Potential Issues

Support bundle too large

Upload will fail if the max file upload size is exceeded. The size is 500mb. If you are generating support bundles larger than this then you will see the following in the logs:

SEVERE: Bundle upload failed. Response code was: 413. Response status text: Request Entity Too Large. Response body: {"message":"Maximum upload size of 537919488 bytes exceeded; nested exception is org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$SizeLimitExceededException: the request was rejected because its size (975180719) exceeds the configured maximum (537919488)"}

Connection Refused

If your instance does not have public internet access then you will not be able to access to Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees.

SEVERE: Issue while uploading file to bundle upload service: com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.advisor.client.InsightsClient$InsightsAuthenticationException: Unable to authenticate. Reason: Connection refused

The plugin for Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees uses the Jenkins proxy configuration. If your instance is behind a proxy then see - JenkinsBehindProxy

Server Too Busy

Might be reported as:

INFO: Bundle Upload thread is still running. Execution aborted.

Or, you might see a message containing http response code 429 - Too Many Requests -

Email address not reachable from the Internet

The Advisor email is sent from CloudBees servers, therefore the address should be resolvable from the Internet. For instance, using an internal mailing list will not work. You can check that the email address you provide works by clicking on the Send a test email button, this will send an email from the CloudBees servers.

Unexpected / Other Issues

Probably indicate a bug in the plugin or the service. Usually should receive http response code 500 - Internal Server Error -

Idle timeout

Bundle uploads fail with:

SEVERE: Issue while uploading file to bundle upload service: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Request reached idle time out of 120000 ms after 120483 ms

Try adjusting the idle timeout period.


Can be overridden dynamically at runtime, via Script Console:

System.setProperty("com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.advisor.client.AdvisorClientConfig.advisorUploadIdleTimeoutMinutes", "120");

Settings are lost after restart.

Can be permanently added by amending Jenkins Java System Properties:


Reporting Issues

Please open a case on the CloudBees Support portal.