Licensing and Expiration Banner Troubleshooting

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  • Why does my controller connected to my operations center expire today?

  • Why am I getting an expiration warning on my controller when the operations center is valid?

  • controller license provisioned by JOC erroneously expires and shows "`Your license expires in 0 days."

  • CJOC reads "You have configured X amount of executors (of which X are currently in use), above your licensed limit of 0. Please contact CloudBees Sales for a quote on additional executors."


  • Check the validity of your license by navigating to "Manage Jenkins" => "Manage Licenses" and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Click "Check validity." If you receive an error, please submit a support request with the error and a support bundle attached.

Confirm the connection to Operations Center

If your client controller will not connect to Operations Center after your license was successfully activated, please see Operations Center connectivity issues while trying to Push the Connection Details.

If your client controller was connected but lost connection which caused the sub-license to expire, see Operations Center-Client controller connectivity issues

Confirm the licensing strategy.

  • Click the upside down toggle arrow next to the controller and then click "Configure." Scroll to the "Licensing" section.

  • NOTE: If you are currently on CJP 2.X, the licensing strategy has been simplified. There are two options. "Test Instance" or "Regular Instance"

  • NOTE: If you are currently on CJP 1.X, see the diagram below for the licensing strategy options in CJP 1.X

Check Manage Jenkins -> Configure System to see if there are any executors set here.


Check the "Configure" section on the client controller for the On-controller executors section.


client controller license does not get renewed by operations center - CJP-5963.

We need to check if you are suffering CJP-5963 : if not saving the Client controller config before pushing the connection details the license is not pushed.

To confirm you are suffering this bug, you just need to check on the connection logs on Operations Center that you are getting the license lines right after initiating a connection - notice the line with Checking license validity.... If you are not getting this log when connecting your OC with the client controller, then it means you are suffering this bug.

[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017] Incoming connection request from on ip-10-0-0-28.ec2.internal/ with identity 32:42:81:46:85:42:75:8b:77:41:55:16:88:95:d1:52
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017] Previously approved identity: 32:42:81:46:85:42:75:8b:77:41:55:16:88:95:d1:52
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017] Accepting connection from on ip-10-0-0-28.ec2.internal/ with identity 32:42:81:46:85:42:75:8b:77:41:55:16:88:95:d1:52 (CONFIRMED)
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017] Checking license validity...
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017]   License will expire in 1 day 0 hr (not before next check)
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017]   Current license is for 0 dedicated executors.
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:49 UTC 2017] Current license is valid
[Mon Jun 19 09:39:50 UTC 2017] Connected

This bug happens because the client controller descriptor was not saved when the client controller item was created in Operations Center. To workaround this problem you just need to go to the client controller item in Operations Center, then go to the Configure section and actually hit the button save. Once you save the configuration, the information will be persisted on disk and the license will be renewed.



A client controller connected to an Operations Center will always show an expiration of the current date or the following day. This is expected behavior. The CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center polls the client controller every hour to see if the license expires in the next 2 hours. If so, the Operations Center renews the client controller’s license for another 16 hours.

  • CJOC needs to refresh the licensing details for the sub-licensed client controller.

Always backup your instance before making any changes!

  • Upgrade Operations Center Server Plugins < 1.8.3.

    • The Operations Center Server Plugin v1.8.3 changes the window of time during which this expiration banner may occur- plugin release notes*

    • Restart CJOC.

  • The Jenkins core version on your controller is outdated. Upgrade to the most recent LTS and restart the client controller. See this link on how to upgrade.

  • Plugin versions are incompatible and need to be updated. Search for installed plugins with the text "operations" on the client controller and restart.

  • The license has expired and you need to contact to renewal your subscription.