Troubleshooting [jenkins://instanceid/folder/item] is an invalid path

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  • Using Move/Copy/Promote to move a job and I see "[jenkins://instanceid/folder/item] is an invalid path" in the destination field.

  • Cluster-wide job triggers are not working; configuration page show "[jenkins://instanceid/folder/item] is an invalid path" in the "Job Name" field of the trigger(s)


The URI of the remote path hints a few things that might go wrong.

No longer valid path

The folder/item might no longer refer to the existing item. Target item might have been renamed or moved. Please check that all the folders in the path and the target item still exist.

No longer valid Instance ID

Every Jenkins has an Instance ID, see references section. It is used to uniquely address a controller connected to Operations Center. If Instance ID changes for some reason, all the path that included the old Instance ID become invalid. For example partial restore from the backup, manual migration of the Jobs to new controller.

System issue interfering with the widget service

Beyond the Path itself there might be an issue affecting the service powering the widget. Hence, the resolution might not look intuitive. In the past, the resolution was achieved by improving the performance of the user lookup.

For example, if you are using Active Directory to authenticate to your instance, consult the KB article The log-in with AD plugin is very slow.


  • Enable the cache

  • Set the Group Membership Strategy to use Token-Groups user attribute

  • Check "Remove irrelevant groups"

These changes resolved the error in the past.