Cannot access Git Repository after Installing Sidecar Injector

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  • After installing sidecar injector I am unable to access my Git repository using the HTTPS protocol.

  • I am seeing the following error when accessing my Git repository:

    • stderr: fatal: unable to access '': SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain


  1. Access the CLI of your Jenkins controller.

  2. Execute git config --global http.sslVerify false to temporarily disable SSL verification.

  3. Execute git clone $GIT_REPO replacing $GIT_REPO with your actual Git repo URL.

  4. At this point, you should have successfully cloned your Git repository.

  5. Execute git config --global http.sslVerify true to re-enable SSL verification.


If you were able to successfully clone your repository using the steps above, you will need to re-check your SSL certificates for your sidecar injector as they may have been installed incorrectly or you may be missing a part of the certificate chain.

If you were unable to clone your repository using the troubleshooting steps, or you are facing issues with verifying that your sidecar injector configuration is correct, please contact CloudBees Support.