Unexpected Maven project file name WARNING message

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In the logs of my job, I can see a message like the one below:

[WARNING] [jenkins-event-spy] Unexpected Maven project file name 'NONSTANDARDNAME.xml', problems may occur


This WARNNING message comes from jenkins-event-spy which belongs to pipeline-maven-plugin. AbstractMavenEventHandler.java doesn’t support non standard pom.xml file names which can cause trouble on your build.


  • To get rid of this WARNING, you must use the standard name pom.xml instead of NONSTANDARDNAME.xmlfor your Maven project.

  • Naming your pom.xml differently is not recommended. Nevertheless, if you really want not to rename your pom files and have a non-standard name, you could use a generic shell step sh without using the maven step withMaven. This way you would not be using the pipeline-maven plugin but calling local mvn commands inside your sh step instead.

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