CloudBees Jenkins Platform

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RELEASED: 2021-02-26

Based on Jenkins LTS2.263.4-cb-6

New features

New header and navigation

The new header in CloudBees Jenkins Platform includes the CloudBees Navigation, which allows you to access links to learn more about CloudBees CI, CloudBees CD/RO, and CloudBees Analytics.

Preparation for upcoming API changes in Jenkins (SDANAV-73)

Administrative monitors are retrieved by API when the alert icon is selected.

Preparation for upcoming REST API for Administrative Monitors (SDANAV-93)

Administrative monitors are retrieved using the new REST API in Jenkins

Feature enhancements


Resolved issues


Known issues

Buttons not working in the administrative monitors

The buttons in the administrative monitors, such as the More Info button, do not include a valid crumb in the request when they are clicked from the header.

Access the alert messages from the top of the Manage Jenkins page instead of from the administrative monitors.

The CloudBees navigation wrongly identifies CloudBees Jenkins Platform as CloudBees Software Delivery Automation (BEE-2561)

New navigation selections for CloudBees CI and CloudBees Software Delivery Automation were incorrectly added to the CloudBees Jenkins Platform UI. The navigation will be updated in a future version.

If you would like to learn more about CloudBees Software Delivery Automation and CloudBees Analytics or CloudBees CD/RO, please contact CloudBees for assistance.

Upgrade notes

CloudBees High Availability plugin

CloudBees has upgraded the JGroups dependency for the CloudBees High Availability plugin, which means instances with JGroups customized through the GUI fail to start and existing jgroups.xml files may no longer be compatible.

Users with instances using the CloudBees High Availability plugin with JGroups customized through the GUI (under Manage Jenkins > Configure System > High Availability Configuration) must be updated to or higher.

Users with instances that have a customized jgroups.xml file in $JENKINS_HOME must update it manually (or switch to using our defaults). See Upgrade guide for instances running High Availability previous to for more information on customizing the configuration.