CloudBees Jenkins Platform

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CloudBees Jenkins Platform is reaching the end of its product lifecycle. Therefore, CloudBees will move this product to End of Life (EOL) on June 30, 2023. Please refer to the following step-by-step documentation for Migrating CloudBees Jenkins Platform to CloudBees CI.

Migrating from CloudBees Jenkins Platform to CloudBees CI provides a path to support modern cloud platforms for CI/CD processes and additional functionality such as easily managing controllers and hibernating controllers to optimize resource usage. With this transition comes a more logical license model based on the number of users, and no longer constraining usage and performance by the controller or executor. This not only allows unlimited controllers and executors to accommodate job volume and team execution, but also the freedom to build pipelines that are not constrained by license limitations. Additionally, moving to CloudBees CI provides the benefit of new upcoming features and the option to expand to a platform solution such as CloudBees Platform.

CloudBees Platform is a modular, flexible set of software delivery capabilities which includes CloudBees CI, award-winning release orchestration and value stream management, continuous delivery, feature management, and analytics (such as DORA metrics) to improve the effectiveness of your entire software delivery ecosystem.

Refer to About the CloudBees Jenkins Platform end of life for more information.