CloudBees Restart Aborted Builds Plugin 1.17

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RELEASED: Public: 2022-01-12

New features


Feature enhancements

The Restart Aborted Builds plugin has been improved (BEE-9301, BEE-9994, BEE-9995, and BEE-10013)
  • When a controller is restored from a backup:

    • Active Pipeline builds are now listed in the administrative monitor page if still running at the time the page is displayed. You can also navigate to the builds or abort them. Previously, it was difficult to locate all Pipeline builds that were running when a backup was taken, to inspect them for possible errors.

    • Aborted Pipeline builds are now listed on the administrative monitor page. Previously, if an agent was not available after a backup and restore, Pipeline builds were aborted after a few minutes but the Pipeline build was not listed on the administrative monitor page alongside aborted Freestyle builds.

    • The administrative monitor page is now always displayed, even if no aborted builds are currently observed or any restore actions are summarized. Previously, the administrative monitor page was only displayed if there was at least one aborted build.

  • If a Pipeline build is started after a controller backup is taken, when the controller is restored from the backup, new builds may reuse existing build numbers. This is typically harmless because any deployed artifacts or reports should use unique identifiers based on commit, date, or similar. However, some projects may rely on the uniqueness of the Jenkins build number.

    In this scenario, a restore script can now be used to set a controller RESTORED_FROM_BACKUP environment variable to any identifier. If this variable is defined when the controller starts and the environment variable is either reset or set to a different value during the last startup, a pluggable set of actions are launched to adapt to the restoration and adds 1000 to the next build number of every job. This ensures subsequent build numbers are unlikely to overlap with builds that may have started after the corresponding backup. For more information, refer to Controlling builds.

Resolved issues

Rebuilding an aborted build could result in warnings and inconsistent behavior (BEE-10009)

Rebuilding an aborted build from the administrative monitor page could copy unwanted content from the original build, producing warnings and possibly causing inconsistent behavior.

This issue has been resolved. A standard implementation based on the rebuild action for Pipeline jobs is now used.

Internal changes to streamline development. Not user visible. (BEE-10604)

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