CloudBees Amazon AWS CLI Plugin 1.5.16

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RELEASED: Public: 2021-11-04

New features

Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK was split into multiple plugins (BEE-8703)

The Amazon Web Services SDK plugin was very large because of the number of services AWS provides. However, CloudBees CI doesn’t require all of the modules in the Amazon Web Services SDK. Therefore, the plugin has been split into multiple fine-grained plugins, reducing the size of the CloudBees CI packages.

Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

Python 3 was not supported in every case (BEE-1984)

If only pip3 is available on a system, the plugin isn’t able to install awscli.

The plugin now looks for pip and pip3 executables and if not found, it installs the proper version according to Python installation.

  • Internal changes to streamline development. Not user visible. (BEE-143)

Known issues


Upgrade notes