CloudBees CasC Client Plugin 2.55

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RELEASED: Public: May 15, 2024

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Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

Fixed UI inconsistencies between some Configuration as Code (CasC) features and High Availability (HA) (BEE-47804)

Fixed the issue that was found when using Configuration as Code in controllers that run in High Availability (HA) mode. The CloudBees Configuration as Code Export and Update screen used to display inconsistent information about the bundle along with two buttons: Restart and Reload. This was caused by information not being properly synchronized between replicas.

Users may have experienced the following problems when trying to use one of the two buttons on that page:

  • Automatic reload bundle: Clicking this button displayed an error message.

  • Skip new bundle version: Clicking this button forced a restart, but the instance would not restart.

Known issues


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