CloudBees CasC Server Plugin 1.62

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RELEASED: Public: 2022-05-04

New features


Feature enhancements

Specific retriever configurations can be disabled (BEE-15660)

A specific retriever configuration can be now disabled without having to disable all of them.

Support multiple remotes in bundle storage service (BEE-9535)

Switched from activeBundle (single remote) to bundles (a list of remotes), so now multiple bundle sources can be defined, both local folder or SCM retrievers, can be defined.

Migration will be transparent for the user, accepting old activeBundle configuration definitions.

Resolved issues

Changing the global visibility using CasC causes the applied bundle to not be visible from the controller where it is applied (BEE-15266)

If a controller is using a bundle with no availability pattern and is visible because the visibility is set to true, the UI does not allow changing visibility while the bundle is still in use by any controller.

That check can be bypassed using CasC, so when changing the visibility some controllers are effectively using bundles that they do not have permissions to use (they had permissions before the visibility change).

This situation is not avoidable, as CasC is loaded before object creation. This feature raises a warning and creates an administrative monitor to warn the administrator about the error.

  • Internal changes to streamline development. Not user visible. (BEE-16125)

Known issues


Upgrade notes