CloudBees CasC Server Plugin 1.74

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RELEASED: Public: August 10, 2022

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Resolved issues

Inconsistent validation for availabilityPattern when the UI regex is set (BEE-18032)

Validation occurs when a bundle is configured through regexp and the raw bundle contains changes.

Instead of creating an error in the CloudBees Configuration as Code bundles page, it creates the following warning:

WARNING - [DESCVAL] - Availability pattern for bundle {bundle name} is defined in the UI. The value from the bundle.yaml file is ignored.

Bundles referring files that cannot be found are constantly validated (BEE-20432)

When the bundle.yaml file refers files or directories that do not exist, the bundle duplicates the validation message. If the polling is active, the bundle is always validated and this floods the logs.

This issue is now resolved.

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