CloudBees CasC Server Plugin 2.11

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RELEASED: Public: July 26, 2023

New features


Feature enhancements

Add quiet option (BEE-35011)

Added a configuration option to enable or disable 'quiet mode'

If 'quiet mode' is enabled, 'INFO' level messages are filtered from the bundle update page and from some API and CLI commands (see below).

A new URL parameter 'quiet' has been added to:

  • POST ${JENKINS_URL}/casc-bundle/validate-uploaded-bundle

  • POST ${JENKINS_URL}/casc-bundle/pre-validate-bundle

  • GET ${JENKINS_URL}/casc-bundle-mgnt/check-bundle-update

  • POST ${JENKINS_URL}/casc-bundle-mgnt/casc-bundle-validate

    This parameter can be used to override the configuration.

    A new parameter 'quiet' has been added to the following CLI commands:

  • casc-bundle-validate

  • casc-bundle-check-bundle-update

  • casc-pre-validate-bundle

  • casc-uploaded-bundle-validate

    This parameter can be used to override the configuration.

Resolved issues

INFO messages are not stored when operations center validates the bundles on the controller (BEE-35996)

If the Controller CasC Bundles are stored in operations center and the new bundle versions are validated, the INFO messages only were stored if the bundle contained WARNING or ERROR messages.

Now INFO messages are stored always.

Remote validations take a long time at scale (BEE-29661)

Validations after checking out the CasC Controller Bundles in operations center take a long time causing a timeout when the number of {CTR} is high.

Now the validations are queued and executed in a background thread so the main execution thread remains unblocked.

Known issues


Upgrade notes