CloudBees CyberArk Credentials Provider Plugin 1.0.8

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RELEASED: Public: 2021-03-11

New features


Resolved issues

Saving a folder failed when using cloudbees-cyberark-credentials (CTR-3143)

Saving a folder was failing due to a bad interaction with the cyberark-credentials provider under specific conditions. The issue occurred when a user without the cyberark.configure permission attempted to save a folder that existed before the CyberArk provider was enabled for folders. Additionally, if the folder was not previously saved by a user with cyberark.configure permissions, the failure occurred and the user was unable to save the folder.

This issue has been resolved. The folder can be saved by any user with the required permissions. The CyberArk configuration at the folder level is readable, but not editable unless the user has the cyberark.configure permission.

Known issues


Upgrade notes