Jenkins High Availability 4.32

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RELEASED: Public: 2021-06-30

New features

Terminology updates (BEE-5003)

CloudBees is updating terminology to remove offensive text. During this ongoing initiative, “controller” replaces “master,” “agent” replaces “slave,” “allowlist” replaces “whitelist,” and “denylist” replaces “blacklist.”

Feature enhancements

Upgraded the JGroups release used for the High Availability plugin to 4.2.15 (BEE-111)

The version of JGroups used for the High Availability plugin has been upgraded to 4.2.15. Additionally, a maximum length has been added for messages that are exchanged between nodes to prevent potential memory issues.

If you use a custom $JENKINS_HOME/jgroups.xml configuration, you should compare it to the new default configuration and update your custom configuration so that it contains the maximum length setting.

Resolved issues

  • Internal changes to streamline development. (BEE-450)

Known issues


Upgrade notes