CloudBees High Availability 4.8

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RELEASED: Public: 2017-06-06

New features


Resolved issues

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-6009

Add file output and log rotation parameters to troubleshooter. Adding -Dha-troubleshooter.filelogging will enable HA troubleshooting logs into files with default parameters for rotation.

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-4634

Remove dependency from CloudBees Jenkins Platform HA monitor RPM does not require Jenkins LTS dependency anymore.

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-4635

Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees renamed CloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-4640

Raise sock_conn_timeout parameter value to 3 seconds by default.

The previous default value of 300 ms was a bit too aggressive. If a socket connection took more than 300 ms to happen, then the connection was deemed a failure.

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-3413

Provide HA monitoring tool native RPM package.

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-4015

Issue a warning if HA demotion occurs when running out of an unpacked WAR inside $JENKINS_HOME.

HA rolling upgrades can fail when --webroot is using the default value $JENKINS_HOME/war.

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-4024

Customize most important properties of jgroups.xml from Jenkins Global Configuration.

Known issues