CloudBees License Manager 9.35

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-08-21

New features

Whitelist java.util.EnumMap and org.jruby.RubyNil for use in XStream (XML serialization) and Remoting (agent communication).

Allow incrementals deployment from core

GlobalConfiguration: Correct @Nonnull / @CheckForNull for get()

Jenkins.rootUrl too often unset or incorrect

Control initial crumb issuer proxy compatibility value

Extend pipeline-library runAth() function to allow calling full ATH suite

Extras Executable WAR should warn everybody that Java 9 is not supported

Remove spurious warning when starting Jenkins

Customize where AsyncPeriodicWork are logged

Change search result pagination from 20 to 100 jobs

Customize where AsyncPeriodicWork are logged

Display Remoting version in the agent log when starting up the agent

Upgrade Jenkins core flow to run the ath test defined in 49263

Update Jenkins CLI to Mina SSHD 1.7.0 and make it always similar to the Jenkins Core

Move JDKInstaller to a plugin

Move rename infrastructure from Job to AbstractItem

File attribute/symlink support in VirtualFile

FindBugs cleanup in the Jenkins core

Create new custom tool button should be on top

Permit VirtualFile to serve external file contents

Report uses of anonymous classes in outgoing Remoting packets

Report uses of anonymous classes in outgoing Remoting packets

Lenient URL validator for Root URL

Fingerprints logs should be less verbose

Resolved issues

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: CTR-496

    Internal changes to streamline development.

  • JENKINS-49498 +Jenkins LTS 2.121.1-cb-1

Dutch translation of 'allow users to sign-up' is wrong and creates a security hazard

DumbSlave class offers only "slave" and "dumb" in @Symbol

Jenkins plugin installation path traversal vulnerability

Don’t log null pointer exceptions on some forms with validation button.

Allow users without Overall/Read access to use the who-am-i and logout commands.

Fix a race condition in the Setup Wizard that could lead to it being skipped on the first startup when groovy scripts or init scripts are pre-installed.

In rare configurations, agents tried to load unloadable classes from the master, resulting in ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.ServletContextListener on agents.

Make Cancel Shutdown link in side panel work without requiring the page to be reloaded.

JEP-200 issue with plugin Gradle Plugin

Visual studio builds started by Jenkins fail with "Fatal error C1090" because mspdbsrv.exe gets killed

core site build is broken, needed for core taglibs reference

JEP-200 Refusing to marshal org.jruby.RubyNil for security reasons

'Build Record Root Directory' is a UI option but is unsafe to change while Jenkins is running

Winp - v1.25 - Failed to locate JAR file by URL zip:

Nodes#addNode does not fail atomically

Nodes are not sorted on label overview page

ThreadPools for remoting should run as SYSTEM user

f:combobox may break form.onsubmit

[JEP-200] java.lang.SecurityException: Rejected:

runATH leads to deadlock of resource consumption for core PR builds

Matrix Configuration Parameter Plugin is affected by JEP-200

hudson.Util.loadFile() has a race condition

restore class compatibility for AbstractTaskListener

NullPointerException in ParametersAction

Time remaining for all pipeline jobs is N/A

AbstractLazyLoadRunMap - Do not copy all build numbers in case of descending search

Perforce should factor out global configuration to the global page

Accessing to jobs through a global view inside a folder gets a 404 error.

User session memory leak

ConcurrentLinkedQueue is missing from whitelisted-classes.txt

queue.xml only gets persisted on successful shutdown

Wrong escaping of quotes in the Setup Wizard

Workflow Snippet Generator - Incorrect format for Input with Choice Parameter

As user I would like a case insensitive autocomplete for copy job

Prototype 1.7 is missing the instance 'toJSON' method

NPE in AbstractProject.checkout

queue.xml only gets persisted on successful shutdown

JENKINS_HOME/users/config.xml Results in Nameless User

"master is offline" preventing Pipeline from executing

"master is offline" preventing Pipeline from executing

Setup wizard hangs when email not entered

Null pointer exception saving a parameterized freestyle job with no parameters defined

Authorize Project blocks Pipeline Jobs when Computer/Build for master is lacking

archiveArtifacts step failure is not displayed

UserIdCause uses wrong approach to rendering users

DescriptorVisibilityFilters are not applied to SecurityRealm and AuthorizationStrategy

Old Prototype library causes problems with modern UI frameworks

"not an integer" error on ports that are not enabled

Refusing to marshal org.jenkinsci.main.modules.cli.auth.ssh.UserPropertyImpl on Old Apache TomCat 8.x versions

Matrix Configuration Parameter Plugin is affected by JEP-200

Bad serialization of ParametersAction.parameterDefinitionNames

Form validation considers the rename "no op" to be an error

Core 2.110 is unable to select a branch source via the server dropdown

Cleanup Medium-Severity FindBugs Errors in Jenkins CLI

Artifacts Permissions Stripped

Cancel permission is granted for users having build permission

Known issues