CloudBees Long-Running Build plugin 1.13

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RELEASED: Public: 2020-01-29

Defines a project type similar to “freestyle” but with a main build step that can keep running even if Jenkins is restarted or the agent disconnected.

Security fixes

  • Long-Running projects did not respect Job/Cancel permission (NGPIPELINE-908)

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  • Previously, Long-Running projects allowed any user able to view a build of the project to cancel that build. Builds of Long-Running projects can now only be canceled by users with Job/Cancel permission for that project.

New features


Resolved issues


Known issues


Upgrade notes

  • Check permissions for users who need to cancel builds of Long-Running projects

    Because of the security fix in this version of the plugin, users who were previously able to cancel jobs may no longer be able to do so. If those users should be allowed to cancel these builds, they must be given Job/Cancel permission on the project that owns the build.