CloudBees Monitoring Plugin 1.6

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RELEASED: Public: 2014-06-02

New features


Resolved issues

Switch to relative URLs for AJAX requests to update metrics. (Most users with a reverse proxy do not have it set up correctly. This change removes the need to have the reverse proxy set up correctly in order to have the graphs display…​ users are still advised to ensure that they have their reverse proxy set up correctly)

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-2485

    Use two columns for the web responses per minute by status legend

Update graphing library to pick up fix for x-axis overlapping labels

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-2478

    Shows escaped HTML in tool tips and graph titles if Jenkins has a non-HTML markup formatter

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-2477

    Queue Length graph is missing the long term average

Known issues