CloudBees Pipeline Explorer 1.3

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RELEASED: Public: August 28, 2023

New features

Update to view the stage selection model in the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer (BEE-36972)

A click now triggers filtering, exactly like clicking on the funnel icon. A double-click expands/collapses the node (was previously a click).

Pipeline Explorer - Optimize Vertical Space and (BEE-37108)

Allow the user to expand the view to the full page. The user can now select text from the log and still select the line as before.

Feature enhancements

Allow contextual linking from the Pipeline Steps view (BEE-37047)

The Pipeline Explorer is now accessible from the Pipeline Steps view.

All of the steps displayed through the Pipeline Steps view provide a link to the Pipeline Explorer with the active filter and line, if available.

The build start time is not accessible in the Pipeline Explorer (BEE-37114)

The build start time is accessible when you hover over the Build started: value.

When a search result is displayed, it should also show the stage that it comes from (BEE-37220)

The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer search results now show the contextual badges that indicate where the search result came from in the Pipeline.

Autorefresh only updates the log lines and stage status (BEE-37228)

When autorefresh is enabled, it should only refresh the log lines and update stages in the tree view if the tree drawer is open.

Autorefresh now only updates the log lines and the stage status.

As a pipeline user, I want the ability to select text from a line (BEE-37667)

There is now an improved experience to select text and lines in the main log view of the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer.

In the Pipeline Explorer, the [Pipeline] step metadata log lines should be in a light grey color to deemphasize them as in the classic console view (BEE-37856)

This issue has now been resolved and the [Pipeline] step metadata log lines are now in a light grey color.

Resolved issues

In the Pipeline Explorer, the use of a direct link to a search page opened the user’s favorite drawer (BEE-38080)

Now, if you use a direct link to a search page, it does not open the user’s favorite drawer.

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer makes requests to unreachable URLs from user’s browsers in some network environments; for example, when CloudBees CI is running behind a reverse proxy (BEE-38922)

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer now always makes requests to relative URLs.

  • Internal changes to streamline development. Not user visible. (BEE-37052)

Known issues


Upgrade notes