CloudBees Replication Parent 1624

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RELEASED: Public: April 18, 2024

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Resolved issues

New pods running previous CI version could be created during HA rolling upgrade (BEE-46670)

During a rolling upgrade of a High Availability (HA) managed controller, if one of the pods from the old replica set were unexpectedly terminated (for example, because of a crash), it could be replaced by another pod still running the old version, even after newer pods had started. This is now prevented.

Errors when disabling operations-center-client plugin in a standalone HA controller (BEE-47637)

A standalone controller does not need the operations-center-client plugin. However, if this plugin was disabled in a High Availability (HA) controller, various errors were repeatedly printed to the system log and certain functionality, such as load balancing, did not work.

This issue has been resolved.

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