CloudBees CI ServiceNow Plugin 1.2.12

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RELEASED: Public: 2020-07-15

The CloudBees CI for ServiceNow solution provides the ability to create and manage ServiceNow change requests (Change Management) and incident tickets (Incident Management) from your pipeline. It consists of two components: the CloudBees CI ServiceNow App and the CloudBees CI ServiceNow Plugin.

New features

  • Pipeline Snippet Generator integration (CPLT2-6372)

    All Pipeline steps provided by this plugin are visible in the Pipeline Snippet Generator. You can use the Snippet Generator UI to configure your Pipeline step and generate the Groovy code to copy and paste into your Pipeline.

  • New Pipeline steps (CPLT2-6570)

    Two new steps were added: serviceNowCreate and serviceNowUpdate. The syntax for each one is available in the Snippet Generator. All four existing steps have moved to the "Advanced/Deprecated" section in Snippet Generator, but remain functionally the same.

  • Credentials Plugin integration (CPLT2-6366)

    ServiceNow instance credentials are now managed using the Credentials Plugin.

Upgrade notes

  • Distribution process

    The CloudBees CI ServiceNow Plugin was formerly distributed as an .hpi file obtained from your Customer Success Manager. The plugin is now a part of the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) and is installed and upgraded like any other proprietary CloudBees plugin.

  • Licensing

    You must have a valid CloudBees license to use this version of the CloudBees CI ServiceNow plugin.

  • Credentials

    Existing username/password credentials on the /manage page are automatically migrated to a new Credentials object under /credentials. You can change the name or replace the migrated credential after the upgrade, if you wish.