CloudBees Unified UI Plugin 1.14

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RELEASED: Public: 2021-12-01

New features

Customizable labels can now be added to the CloudBees CI and CloudBees Jenkins Platform header (BEE-9021)

You can now create custom labels that are displayed in the CloudBees CI and CloudBees Jenkins Platform header to easily identify the environment or instance.

The header label can be used to:

  • Indicate the team name or project for an individual controller.

  • Add a label to a set of controllers. For example, if some controllers within a cluster are Production controllers or require a special designation.

  • Indicate the type of environment for a complete cluster, such as Development, Staging, or Production.

The header label text can be configured from the Manage Jenkins  Configure System screen, using CasC, or initialized using a System property.

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Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

  • Internal changes to streamline development. Not user visible. (BEE-9713)

Known issues


Upgrade notes