CloudBees Pipeline: Templates Plugin 3.6

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RELEASED: Public: 2020-05-26

New features

  • Expose additional configuration options for Multibranch Pipelines in template.yaml (NGPIPELINE-1025)

    Multibranch Pipeline Templates in Pipeline Template Catalogs are now able to configure a Branch Property Strategy in template.yaml. Documentation for configuring these options as well as SCM behaviors can be found in the newly published Multibranch Pipeline Template syntax guide.

Resolved issues

  • Prevent the properties step from causing template-based Pipelines to detach from their templates (NGPIPELINE-905)

    Previously, using the properties step inside of a non-Multibranch Pipeline created from a template in a Pipeline Template Catalog caused the Pipeline to become permanently detached from the template. This issue has been fixed, but Pipeine Template Catalogs must be reimported in order for the fix to take effect. Jobs that were already detached from their template will not be fixed automatically; they must be manually recreated from a template.

  • Improve validation of template parameter names (NGPIPELINE-1006)

    Previously, if a parameter used in the template.yaml file for a template in a Pipeline Template Catalog was not a valid Java identifier, the template would silently fail to load during the catalog import process. Now, when a template is imported, the parameters are checked to make sure they are valid Java identifiers. If not, a validation error is displayed in the catalog import log and the import fails.

Known issues