Kube Agent Management Plugin 1.1.14

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-07-11

New features

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: CPLT2-5607 [Expose metrics about kubernetes agents]

    Added the following metrics

  • kubernetes-client.connections.running : current number of connections for Kubernetes client

  • kubernetes-client.connections.queued : current number of queued connections for Kubernetes client

  • kubernetes.count : current number of pods

  • kubernetes.total : total of provisioning requests

  • kubernetes.failed : number of provisioning requests that failed

  • kubernetes.success : number of provisioning requests that succeeded

  • kubernetes.successRate : Ratio of success/total

  • kubernetes.duration : duration to provision successfully

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: CPLT2-5649 [Tag each pod created by a controller with a backlink to the controller]

    Each pod created by a controller is now labeled with cloudbees.com/master=<tenant>

Resolved issues


Known issues