Kube Agent Management Plugin 1.1.17

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-10-29

New features

Bump parent POM instead

Bump hpi plugin to get rid of useless packaged jars

Use release

Work around https://github.com/jenkinsci/kubernetes-plugin/pull/600 in test. AFAICT this is not a real regression since workspaceVolume is ignored unless customWorkspaceVolumeEnabled is set. Really the latter should be deleted in favor of f:optionalProperty + @CheckForNull.

Demonstrating effectiveness of fix.

Of course I forgot to add the new script…

[CPLT2-5980] Reproduced bug in test.

Require a Core license.

Fix items from @jglick’s review


[CPLT2-5968] Affinity pod template filter


[CPLT2-5956] Use controller domain instead of controller name, as the former is safe for kubernetes labels

Add comments to explain why we override the default

Following https://github.com/jenkinsci/kubernetes-plugin/pull/598, we need to make sure our NodeProvisionerStrategy comes first

Added CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise License Entitlement Check version 8.24

Added Jenkins LTS version 2.176.1

Resolved issues


Known issues