Master Provisioning 2.5.14

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RELEASED: Public: {2020-12-RELEASE-DATE}

New features

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: [CPLT2-6091]

    Problem: It is only possible to connect managed controllers to operations center over TCP. This requires opening TCP ports across reverse proxies/load balancers, which is manual and cumbersome. In Kubernetes environments, we have relied on NGINX Ingress Controller to do this. However, it prevents the use of other ingress controllers or L7 load balancers provided by cloud providers. In OpenShift environments, it is not even possible to expose TCP ports outside.

Fix: CloudBees CI now supports connecting any managed controller to an operations center using Websockets. This can be enabled by selecting a checkbox in the managed controller configuration. No special network configuration is needed since the regular HTTP(S) port proxied by the CloudBees CI ingress is used for all communications.

Resolved issues

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: [CPLT2-6833]

    Ensure the Jenkins URL declared in cluster endpoints always ends with a trailing slash.

Known issues