Master Provisioning 2.5.27

RELEASED: Public: {2021-04-RELEASE-DATE}

New features


Resolved issues

Master Provisioning plugin causes too many NGINX reload events (BEE-2331)

Every time a {CTRL} was restarted, its backend was reloaded, which resulted in external agents being disconnected after a specified timeout.

Now, restarting a {CTRL} from the {OC} does not interrupt the existing service or ingress, preventing unnecessary ingress {CTRL} configuration reloads. This issue has been resolved.

Configuration fields such as java options were not trimmed (BEE-2104)

When a newline character was present in Java options or another field that used a textarea, the character was not trimmed, potentially causing provisioning issues.

All fields that use textareas are now trimmed. This issue has been resolved.

Known issues