Operations Center Context Plugin

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RELEASED: Public: 2018-04-26

New features


Resolved issues

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: [CJP-8717]

    There was an issue when copying/moving items from controllers older than 2.107.x.y to newer ones.

The problem was caused by the recent change on Jenkins about the use of XML 1.1 (instead of 1.0). This fix forces controller to controller communications to use XML 1.0 so both new and old controllers can talk to each other in the same language.

The compatibility code can be disabled using -Dcom.cloudbees.opscenter.context.rpc.RPCResponse.xmlv1.disabled=true as a Jenkins startup parameter.

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: [CJP-8409]

    When performing a Move/Copy/Promote operation where the origin controller is > 2.107 and the target is < 2.107 the following warning message (preflight check) will be shown to the user: "The receiving Jenkins version is X.Y.Z which is older than 2.105. The Jenkins storage format changed in 2.105 and as such the receiver will not be able to read any configuration created by this version of Jenkins.

Known issues