Operations Center Context Plugin

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-01-05

New features

[CORE-1344] renew a users seed on receipt of a message from CJOC

Upon receipt of a message from CJOC, the controller should call renewSeed() on a user to forcibly log the user out of the controller. This should only happen on controllers that have opted in to SSO

This allows an administrator to forcibly log any given user out of all SSO controllers under CJOC

Upgraded jenkins-core from 2.107.1-cb-1 to 2.107.37-cb-2

  • Jenkins LTS 2.107.37-cb-2

    Upgraded Jenkins LTS from 2.107.1-cb-1 to 2.107.37-cb-2

Removed Git Plugin

Removed Pipeline: Step API

Removed SCM API Plugin

Resolved issues


Known issues