Operations Center Context

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RELEASED: Public: 2021-01-13

New features

The Operations Center Context plugin is now using jQuery 3.5.1. (CTR-2603)

== Resolved issues

Configured list of installers lost when copying a tool installation (CTR-2581)

A planned upgrade of the XStream library included a compatibility mode for Jenkins tool installation metadata which is sent over a remoting channel to an agent in plugins which are not yet patched to avoid doing so. This compatibility mode accidentally triggered improper behavior in the operations center code to propagate tool installation snippets to connected controllers, resulting in a loss of the configured list of installers for an installation, such as “Download from Apache” or “Unpack ZIP from URL”.

Infrastructure used to transfer metadata from operations center to controllers has been fixed to better emulate the regular saving of Jenkins metadata to XML configuration files. With this fix, the list of installers is retained when copying a tool installation.

Known issues


Upgrade notes