Operations Center JNLP Agent Controller Plugin 2.387.0.3

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RELEASED: Public: April 5, 2023

New features


Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

Shared Inbound Agent Cloud page is now up to date (BEE-30771)

The main page of a Shared Cloud using Inbound Agents is not up to date as compared to information shown on a permanent Inbound Agent page.

This issue is resolved. The inbound agent page is now aligned with recent updates to the Inbound Agents UI.

Terminology updates (BEE-1180)

CloudBees is updating terminology to remove offensive text. During this ongoing initiative, “controller” replaces “master,” “agent” replaces “slave,” “allowlist” replaces “whitelist,” and “denylist” replaces “blacklist.”

In this release, on the Shared Inbound Agent Cloud page, references to offensive terminology were removed and replaced.

Known issues


Upgrade notes