Operations Center Kubernetes Cloud Plugin

1 minute read

RELEASED: Public: 2018-03-14

New features

  • Updated reactor modules in current projects to latest version

  • Updated parent and bom to

  • Exclude jackson-core instead of managing it

  • Add oc-bom import and clean up no longer needed references

Resolved issues

  • Tell jvm to record heap dump on OOM with default location and put all arguments on one line (CJP-7913)

  • Modify JVM flags: (CJP-7913)

    • set the memory limit to 512MB for the maven process

    • make the JVM start a bit faster by performing the basic just-in-time compilation of the code only (tiered compilator stopped at the first step)

    • specify the heapdumpPath to be used in case of OOM

Known issues