CloudBees Pipeline: Groovy Checkpoint Plugin 2.8

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RELEASED: Public: 2020-02-26

Adds the ability to checkpoint a Groovy script and later rerun a build starting from the checkpoint.

New features

  • None

Resolved issues

  • Using the checkpoint step caused a warning to be printed to the build log (NGPIPELINE-676)

    When using this plugin in combination with Pipeline: Groovy Plugin version 2.71 or newer, calling the checkpoint step in a Pipeline build caused the following warning message to be printed to the build log: expected to call WorkflowScript.checkpoint but wound up catching suspend?; see: This message was incorrect, and is no longer printed when the checkpoint step is used.

  • Checkpoints were displayed in an inconsistent order (NGPIPELINE-880)

    Previously, the page that shows all checkpoints associated with a Pipeline build displayed the checkpoints in an inconsistent order. The checkpoints are now shown in alphabetical order.

  • Using the checkpoint step without passing a name argument caused the step to fail (CORE-1279)

    When calling the checkpoint step without any arguments on an instance where Blue Ocean was installed, the step would fail. The step now works correctly even if the name parameter is omitted.

Known issues

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Upgrade notes

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