CloudBees Build Acceleration

eMake executes makefiles just like gmake. CloudBees Build Acceleration uses CloudBees’ conflict detection technology to build faster than the gmake parallel make process without the broken builds that commonly occur with gmake.

CloudBees Build Acceleration detects the actual dependencies for complex builds. It eliminates broken or incorrect builds by reordering steps dynamically to fix dependency problems that occur when makefiles are generated by other processes.

During build execution, CloudBees Build Acceleration virtualizes your build file system dynamically so that agents running on different hosts can read and write build files without requiring the setup and maintenance of a separate network file system such as NFS or CIFS. eMake is a lightweight file server to the agents that are actually running commands on its behalf. Advanced caching, file compression, and peer-to-peer sharing between agents reduce network overhead to the absolute minimum.

For more information about using makefiles with CloudBees Build Acceleration, see Electric Make.