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1. 🚀 New features and improvements

  • [CBSUPPORT-47] - Remove the OsStore mode


The OsStore mode to store credentials has been removed. For the vast majority of users, this deprecated mode was not used and the migration is transparent. For the minority of users that were still using it, cbsupport CLI will initialize a encrypted file and ask for a primary password to encode provided credentials. Additionaly, the user will have to input credentials again.

  • [CBSUPPORT-340] - Capture remote execution stdout in console.log

  • [CBSUPPORT-401] - Replace master password by primary password

  • [CBSUPPORT-470] - Provide a public changelog (this document)

2. 🐛 Bug Fixes

  • [CBSUPPORT-468] - Initialize the configuration file with a version number to avoid useless configuration migrations