API Tokens get removed from Client controllers or Managed controllers

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My user API tokens in the controller are disappearing after some time of being created.


By default, API Tokens are synchronized from Operations Center to the client controllers and/or managed controllers. This means that if your users are defining their API Tokens at the controller level, they will be wiped out with the information stored at Operations Center level when the synchronization process happens.

When selected, this option will synchronize the user’s name, description, API Tokens and other properties with the user’s record in the Operations Center. The synchronization takes place when Jenkins queries the full user details from the security realm; which typically occurs during a log in operation. This will result in the API token being removed from the controller using the ones defined in the Operations Center instead.

Create API tokens at the Operations Center level

API tokens could be created at the Operations Center level. For this, go to your Operations Center, select your name and click configure again. Then click Add new Token to create a new API token at the Operations Center level.


As previously suggested, we could disable the synchronization of a particular user at the controller level. Notice that the synchronization will still happen for the rest of the users as long as they have enabled the Synchronize details on login in the user at the controller level.

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