Backup jobs fails: Archives contains unclosed entries

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The trace This archives contains unclosed entries, or No space left on device appears on the build console logs after running a backup job. You will also be able to find these traces in the Jenkins logs.



Please review the following points:

  1. Backup job configuration: Build > Take backup > Where to back up? should be pointing to a different folder that Jenkins home folder ($JENKINS_HOME).

  2. CloudBees Backup Plugin >= 3.31 in order to get fixed JENKINS-20187.

In case the above points are met, the issue is not expected to happen and should be reported to CloudBees Support via ticket attaching the Support Bundle of the instance your a running the backup, plus the config.xml of the backup job.


In the meantime we review your particular case, there are several workarounds you could apply:

  1. Enable Build > Take backup > Skip recently modified files under the Advanced tab

  2. Enable General Settings > Quiet period