CloudBees Backup

CloudBees CIVersion: 3.38.74
Tier 1: Proprietary
Plugin ID: infradna-backup
Minimum Jenkins required: 2.440.1-cb-10
Last released: 4 months, 9 days ago
This plugin simplifies backing up Jenkins. Adminsitrators can now save hours by easily backing up and recovering from crashes using the backup. Users can easily create a new job type called "Backup" and back up build records, job and system configurations. The backups can be stored on a local machine or a sftp server. The plugin offers mutliple retention policies for the records such as keeping the last 'n' records, keep all backups or an exponential decay algorithm to save space.
This plugin requires version 7 or later of the 'CloudBees License Manager' plugin and may require the purchase of additional use-rights from CloudBees, Inc. Click for more information
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CloudBees Backup 3.38.74
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