The Pipeline Event Trigger causes duplicated events and builds

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  • When using the "Build whenever the specified event is seen" / eventTrigger build trigger, duplicated builds are being scheduled. A restart fixes it, temporarily.

  • BEE-7121: [pipeline-event-step plugin] - Duplicate event/triggered jobs


Due to a known issue BEE-7121, Pipeline Event Trigger subscriptions may be duplicated. In which case a matching incoming event would cause the schedule or duplicated builds of the same job.

The duplication happens on job reloads, that can have many source like for example updating a job config.xml through the REST API or hitting the /reload endpoint of a job page, but also job management and templating solution and plugins.

Every reload add one duplicated subscription.


The issue BEE-7121 has been fixed in version 1.9 of the Pipeline Event Step plugin and is available under the CloudBees Assurance Program since the release of CloudBees CI 2.303.2.3

The recommended solution is to upgrade CloudBees CI to version 2.303.2.3 or later.


There is no workaround to this issue other that limiting the factor that causes the job reload (explicit reload, REST API, others).