Trigger jobs across controllers

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  • I would like to trigger a job on another controller.

  • I would like to set a remote downstream job.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform (CJP), Client controllers (CC) connected to CloudBees Jenkins Operation Center (CJOC)


Select a job which triggers a remote one and then go to Job Configuration > Build section > Add Build Step > Trigger builds on remote/local projects option.

build dropdown tam

This configuration allows you to trigger another exiting job on a different CC (remote). The downstream job name part will autocomplete.

build config tam

After you configure this you can trigger a new build and see the job executing on the other Jenkins controller:

Console output of triggering job:

console triggerer

Console output of triggered job (remote):

console triggered
In case you encounter an error similar to:
[operations-center-context] Could not find remote item at » remoteTriggerJobExample

Check at the CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center, under Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security -> Client controller security

  • Security Setting Enforcement > it needs to be one of the Single Sign-On options

  • Authentication mapping > it needs to Trusted controller with equivalent Security Realm

Then you need to re-connect your controllers back to your CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center as described in Configuring permissions for cross-controller triggers

Here is a demonstration how to do both these steps to fix the [operations-center-context] Could not find remote item at error: image::common-kb::triggerRemoteJobFix.gif[gif of the triggerRemoteJob fix]